I’m a new novelist that came out with my first novel called Braver Than Yesterday. It is published through Amazon. The book is a suspenseful mystery. I am currently working on a second novel, which I’m very excited about.

I do yoga about three days a week and workout when I can. I work a full time job and I go to school part time for psychology. I’m hoping that the writing continues for me so I can venture out and see the world and write about my experiences. I always have these thoughts swirling through my mind and it really helps me to write. I never thought of myself as an artist but someone recently told me, “hey, you’ve created a book, you’re an artist.” I took that to heart and now I feel like I am an artist.

I like playing with my doggies, Buddy and Zoe. They’re my fur babies and I love to be around them. They make me feel really good and it’s refreshing because of all the things that are going on in the world. Some day I just keep the television off and lay down with them and listen to soothing music and the worlds just melts away.

I love to read books, I always had book in my hand. Some days I can finish a whole book when it’s super good. One day I was sitting around and I had a thought and decided to write it down, pretty soon it just turned into many things and I had a full on novel on my hands. I always wanted to write but I never really pursued it. My husband was the one that encouraged me to write, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

I am truly excited to start this journey and to share my work with others.