Feels Good

So last Saturday was the local author expo in Bensalem. It was another great experience! I sold about five books in the span of three hours. Few to a girls in the early twenties/late teens. And a couple to two of my aunts that came from out of state.

The people around me didn’t sell close to what I sold so it made me feel even better. I feel like it makes this experience much more special if they sold. However I feel like YA is the way to go. Girls love books it seems, which is great, and they want something juicy to read. My first novel Braver Than Yesterday seems to do a lot better in selling then From Within. Something about a girl being locked in a basement by her captor makes girls rush to buy. I don’t blame them, I love a mystery suspense novel. I changed up both of my novels so they can be YA. Who knows maybe that’s my calling.

I’m just really loving this whole experience. I am currently writing the sequel to From Within, and I’m over half done. I never thought that this would take off for me. I feel like I’m living my dream of writing. Publishing makes it even more amazing. People are out there reading my books and it feels great.



Hello everyone,

My name is Melissa Rose Bushey, and I am a new novelist. I published through Amazon and I have a novel out called Not Alone, which is a suspenseful mystery. and I am currently working on my second novel.

I just wanted to introduce myself to the world in hopes that I can get the word out about my novel. But I do want to tell you a little about myself:

I live in Pennsylvania with my husband, and we have two dogs (English bulldog, Cairn Terrier) Buddy and Zoe. We also have two kitties (Tuxedo) Mr. Miyagi and Memphis. I have a full time job and I actually go to school part time for Psychology, which I’m almost finished. I do yoga a few times a week, which I can’t get enough of, it really helps me with my center. If I’m having a stressful day, I turn to yoga and it’s an immediate reliever. I love to read books, I am an avid reader, always have been. One day I was messing around on the computer and started writing, and then I just couldn’t stop. It was like a switch was flipped and now I have this growing passion. I write when I can and it makes feel good. It’s sort of an outlet for me as well. I’m excited to be on this journey and see where it leads me. I hope a lot of people will just stop by and say hello. You can visit my author page and my book: amazon.com/author/melissarosebushey

Thank you for visiting me and please say hello!