Snow Day

Woo hoo it was a snow day today in Eastern Pennsylvania and pretty much anywhere else that takes place in the vicinity, including Delaware and Jersey. With that I took advantage of a writing day. I wrote and wrote until I had to take a break from it. I then watched some shows I rarely get to watch, cleaned my house, and hung out with the hubby which is really rare.

I discovered a new writing place for books called Wattpad. What this is a place where you can read other peoples works for FREE. I decided to give it a shot. I mean why not, I feel like I’ll take anything to get my novels out there. I’ve been sending my manuscripts to small publishers and have yet to hear anything. Anyway click Here for my Wattpad profile. There you can read my novel Braver Than Yesterday for free. I will hold off on putting my second novel From Within on there because I want to finish the sequel first. I am almost finished with it. They still are on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I hope where ever you are, if there is snow and freezing cold, I hope you stay safe and stay warm. A lot of the country seems to be going through a deep freeze.



I just wanted to say hello tonight. Nothing much is going on right now. Had a snow day today from work so that made me happy. 

Went to the flower show yesterday which was Holland themed. It was beautiful and it smelled amazing. So many tulips in a room, I’ve never seen so many. There were wooden shoes, windmills, tiny little cottages, a train set, and many more themes that I can’t exactly think of. I was happy to experience the show this year, although it was super crowded it was still fun. 

Anyways I hope everyone had a wonderful evening and it’s almost the middle of the week aka hump day! Much love!