The Perfect Ad

Writing the perfect ad for your book is hard. I’ve been trying to come up with something for both of my novels for an ad and to be honest I’m having a hard time because you want your book to sell. What sells your book? A very well thought out ad. Something that catches the eye and draws you in. I must’ve changed the ad a gazillion times to try and get it right in my ear. I would run it over and over with my husband and he’s like yea try this or yea that sounds good. It’s really hard but it needs to be done. It’s my lively hood so I want to do right by it.

My first novel has a lot of sex, rape, love, & lesbianism in it. I know some of that is controversial but hey it’s what’s on my mind. People like to read that shit!

My second novel is about a girl that dies and comes back to life seeing spirits. Nothing like the first one but I like different! Wait until the sequel comes out.

Hopefully the ads work for both on Goodreads. Look me up if you haven’t already.

M. Rose Bushéy

Workshop pt. 2

So day two of the workshop was a success. It was just so completely different then anything I ever experienced. It’s almost like theater life is a different reality.

Day 2:

My mom and I arrived not really knowing what to expect. We pulled up at 10 in the morning and I have to be honest I was a wreck. I slept awful and I just wasn’t feeling it that morning but I had to drag my butt there. When we went to workshop 1 we were told to bring in an object that meant something to us, which I will explain in a little bit. So we walk in and it seems like everyone is wide awake and talking and laughing. At first I’m like okay I don’t know if I can do this, here I am yawning trying to keep my eyes open and everyone else is acting like it’s 3 in the afternoon. So we walk in and enter the rehearsal space and we’re told once again to grab a seat. We grab the seats and make another circle just like workshop pt. 1. We take our seats and the asst. director tells us the plan for the day, which is going around the room and telling everyone what the object we chose was and what it meant to them. Then he told us that we would be fitted for our costumes which we will find out tonight what we’ll be. So we started going around the room and I could feel myself getting so nervous. My palms were sweaty and my heart rate was starting to rise. I’m looking at other people and at my mom and thought that they’re probably feeling the same way as me. I know my mom is because her and I are just alike. Her foot is bobbing up and down because yes she is nervous. About 5 people in, the woman that takes the measurements comes in, the asst. director is like ‘okay we can stop for now, everyone relax.’ So I’m like YAY break time. Note that it’s only been about 40 mins since we’ve been there. So the asst. director calls each one of us one by one and while we were waiting we were getting to know everyone. It was a pretty cool experience, I mean we were all there for the same reason so we had that in common. They called my name and I went out there and they did our measurements which was fun and then I returned to the rehearsal room.

About an hour later that was finished. I was happy because that put a huge dent in our time. Our workshops last only for 3 hours, so at this point we had about an hour to go, actually now that I’m thinking about it we had about a half hour left. So it took a lot longer then expected. I was thinking hey maybe they won’t get to me but they did. My mom was first and she brought her yoga mat, yoga is her favorite thing of all time. She was nervous but she did great. Then it was my turn and I chose my flash drive, yes a flash drive. Everyone had these momentum’s that meant something to them like when a relative died and it reminded them of that person. I chose a flash drive because honestly I never really had someone close to me die so I didn’t have anything like that. Anyways I chose my flash drive because it’s everything to me. It has all my books on their and anything that I’ve been working on. If I lost that I would be devastated. I know it may sound silly but if you’re a writer or someone that saves things of high importance then you know what it’s like.

By the time we were finished it was time to leave. Now that the workshops are over now we have to do the actual rehearsing. Tonight is the first one so I will let you know how that one goes.

It was fun talking to you about this! I’ll talk to you soon 🙂



There is really no feeling like printing out your manuscript and feel the warmth in your fingertips. I start leafing through and flipping the pages and feel the air in my face. It just feels so wonderful to know that I created these words and I put them down on paper. With my second novel done I decided to make it a series. I’m very excited and super blessed to have this amazing gift. I never thought my mind would wander as much as it does. I have quite the imagination and so happy I get to toy around with ideas. Doing a series never really crossed my mind but when it did I thought eh I don’t know if I really want to do this, but as I thought about it today I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to do one.

I’m grateful for everyone here that reads my blogs and comments and likes my blogs. I feel honored to make someone’s day a little happier and brighter. I love reading blogs of inspiration–it makes me feel more amazing and it makes me feel stronger then I have before.

I want other people to know that inspiration can come in any forms. From seeing something that makes you think wow I can do that or from words that someone says. It’s a truly good feeling that there are people still left in the world that want to make YOU feel better and help you accomplish your goals. Don’t let anyone stop you! If you feel strong about something go for it and if it knocks you down, brush it off and continue on.

Thanks for reading everyone!



Time. Where did it go? It feels like not long ago I was just a little girl playing outside with rocks, yes rocks. That sounds strange now that I’m writing it hahaha. This was way back before cell phones and all that social media stuff. But I really would like to know where time went. When I was a kid I just wanted to be an adult and now that I’m an adult I wish I were a kid. It’s strange when I think of things like that. Time just goes so quickly, you’re here today but you can be gone tomorrow. You never know when your time is up.

It took me 30 years to know what I wanted to do with my time. I want to write! When I was a kid I wrote all kinds of short stories, crazy ones. I think back to then and realized I did have a creative mind but I never really thought about it then. I wanted to be a teacher when I was about 8 but then as I got older that wore off and then I wanted to be a nurse. Eventually that dream just fizzled out and now after I finished my first novel, I sit here and I know that is what I was meant to do, I wanted to be a novelist. Writing is like my outlet and it helps me with my anxieties with what I face everyday, which I won’t get into. I read so many books, I love it. I know not many people like to read anymore but for me it’s something that helps me escape everyday life. You fall in love with characters and you visit places you’ve never been before. You experience what they experience and you feel what they feel. I love the when I get lost in a book and hours go by and it’s over. But then you pick it up again or get another book and you start all over again.

So can time heals things? I guess you never really heal from things, you just get over them.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!