Hey there everyone,

I just wanted stop by and say hello. It’s a rainy miserable day here in PA but I’m dealing with it the best way I can. It’s always a good day for writing when the weather is terrible. It almost feels like to me, very calming. As I look out the windows I see the rain splashing upon the window, the street, and the sidewalk. I know rain can be very difficult because it makes you want to stay home and drink a nice cup of tea, which in my case sounds very lovely. But it also has this affect on me, like I can stare at it all day. Maybe it’s the way the rain gathers into puddles or maybe it’s the sound of the rain hitting the window or the roof. There’s always something in it that makes you feel good. So just enjoy the rain or whatever you have out there today. Find the positive in everything.

Have a wonderful day out there!!

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