Do you welcome change? I honestly think for me it depends, I change my hair all the time, I don’t know why,I just do and I like it. But changing things like jobs, houses, things basically that are major life changes now that kind of scares me. There were things I could’ve changed a few times but because I have this fear of change I didn’t. I know I should get out of my comfort zone. There is a strange thing that is about me where I don’t like change but I am very impulsive. So it’s funny how I hate change but can change something in an instant but realize hey that’s not what I want and then I change it quickly. If you ask anyone that knows me pretty well they would say, “Yes she’s definitely impulsive, changes her mind all the time.” I don’t know what my deal is. 

So I just wanted to do a short little blog today just asking how people deal with change. Do they just do it, do they work up to it, do they not even do it? I’m just kind of curious because with me I feel like change makes me crazy but at the same time it makes me feel better. I change my living room around all the time, just ask my husband. He comes home and is like again. A few months back I changed my bedroom from upstairs to downstairs, loved it for a minute and then had to change it back to upstairs, I think my husband was going to kill me hahaha. 

Anyways I know today is Monday and they are the worst. Who made weekends only two days? I’m like who can seriously deal with that, but we have to. Okay I’m starting to go off on a rant so I’ll end it here. 

Have a fast and easy going Monday everyone!!


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