So in all honesty who truly is happy? Is it the neighbor next door that’s jogging around the neighborhood, the person you bump into at the store buying milk, or could it be someone at your job?

I have to be honest, I have been on this earth for some time now and I really haven’t remembered the last time I was truly happy. I mean yeah I smile a lot and laugh but deep down inside something was truly missing. I love my family, I love my husband, I love my fur babies but does all that make me happy? In a way yes it does, but not 100%. I come to realize that today for the first time since I’m not sure when, I am happy. I can say for absolute certainty I feel giddy and I feel extremely happy. I’m seriously not one of those people that are always so happy go lucky. This is actually a change for me. If you ask anyone that I know they will tell you, I’m always so miserable and I complain a lot. Today though something changed inside me, is it because I dropped my classes and knew that writing was the path I wanted to go down? Honestly I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with it.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but for some reason I felt like I needed to do it tonight. I had this burning in my mind so I thought no better time then the present. Have you ever just thought what you wanted in life is something completely different then what you actually want? That’s exactly how I feel right now. I painted this picture in my head that I wanted to be a psychologist and that I wanted to sit in a chair and listen to people tell me their issues and I could help them figure out what they needed, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought, I don’t think that’s for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for giving advice, but to tell someone what they should do, I don’t think I could do that. I want to write, I want my voice to be heard. I have such a creative mind that thoughts sometimes run wild on me. I want to be able to put that on paper and run away with it, I want people to look at those words and get lost in them. It’s my only dream and wish. Before I started to write, I read books like there is no tomorrow and my favorite part about them was getting lost in them. Being pulled into a book and feeling what the characters are feeling is something that I’ll never forget and I want to put that same feeling into somebody else.

That’s all for tonight, I will leave you with that. Have a good night everyone!


Rainy Day

Hey there everyone,

I just wanted stop by and say hello. It’s a rainy miserable day here in PA but I’m dealing with it the best way I can. It’s always a good day for writing when the weather is terrible. It almost feels like to me, very calming. As I look out the windows I see the rain splashing upon the window, the street, and the sidewalk. I know rain can be very difficult because it makes you want to stay home and drink a nice cup of tea, which in my case sounds very lovely. But it also has this affect on me, like I can stare at it all day. Maybe it’s the way the rain gathers into puddles or maybe it’s the sound of the rain hitting the window or the roof. There’s always something in it that makes you feel good. So just enjoy the rain or whatever you have out there today. Find the positive in everything.

Have a wonderful day out there!!


Hello everyone,

My name is Melissa Rose Bushey, and I am a new novelist. I published through Amazon and I have a novel out called Not Alone, which is a suspenseful mystery. and I am currently working on my second novel.

I just wanted to introduce myself to the world in hopes that I can get the word out about my novel. But I do want to tell you a little about myself:

I live in Pennsylvania with my husband, and we have two dogs (English bulldog, Cairn Terrier) Buddy and Zoe. We also have two kitties (Tuxedo) Mr. Miyagi and Memphis. I have a full time job and I actually go to school part time for Psychology, which I’m almost finished. I do yoga a few times a week, which I can’t get enough of, it really helps me with my center. If I’m having a stressful day, I turn to yoga and it’s an immediate reliever. I love to read books, I am an avid reader, always have been. One day I was messing around on the computer and started writing, and then I just couldn’t stop. It was like a switch was flipped and now I have this growing passion. I write when I can and it makes feel good. It’s sort of an outlet for me as well. I’m excited to be on this journey and see where it leads me. I hope a lot of people will just stop by and say hello. You can visit my author page and my book: amazon.com/author/melissarosebushey

Thank you for visiting me and please say hello!