It’s almost show time! After weeks of rehearsing it’s finally almost here. Starting Tuesday thru the 28th I will grace the stage for this crazy/intense/fun experience. The rehearsals have been going okay for the most part but of course there are some things that are bothering me. For example they put someone who is outrageously huge in front of me. Not that she’s overweight, she’s just really tall. you would think from the directors point of view they would be like, okay that person is way too short to be behind that big person. We mentioned it them but they don’t care. So I guess I’ll deal with it. Other then that it’s going really well.

However I can’t wait to get my time back. I don’t know how actors/actresses do it. All their time is consumed doing this and leaving little to no room for family or friends or a social life. The actors you are performing with become somewhat of a family for that time. You spend all your hours with them.  I think it would be tough after awhile but hey more power to them. That’s what they love and that’s what they’re passionate about. The working for me full time and then rehearsals 6 days a week and fitting the time to write my novel it’s just so time consuming haha but I’m happy! This is a wonderful experience.

In other news my allergies are on the fritz. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. It’s warm but everything is growing and pollen is flying everywhere. My eyes constantly burning and watering. My nose is always running and my throat is kinda raw. I’m ready for Summer so we can pass all that. Okay I just wanted to vent with the allergies as someone is mowing the lawn right now next to the window.

Thanks for the support everyone I hope you find my blogs entertaining 🙂


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